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We provide traffic from the most popular platforms: Facebook, Instagram, Google Ads, Yandex, TikTok, DSP/RTB platforms.

Get exactly the right influencer

We’ll reach out to our network of thousands of TikTokers, Instagram stars, bloggers, and content makers to find the best match for your brand.

Easily scale your operation

Work with your dedicated account manager to continue developing your affiliate program to constantly expand to new audiences, partner with more influencers, and continually grow your business.

Business planning, strategy and execution

Get solutions from first class consultants

Best solutions

Extensive partner marketing experience

From launching your affiliate program to scaling up your campaigns, we’re here to help you grow and boost your business!

AkerHub has been in the market since 2020. The team consists of over 100 employees worldwide (in 3 representative offices, as of today).

We’re prepared to share our versatile international experience mixed with localized practices to help your business prosper. We believe in the power of the cost-per-action model and would be thrilled to guide you to Partner Marketing.

Best solutions

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Best solutions

Let’s work on your project together

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Generated profits

“As a very close partner, I really like the AkerHub because it comes with a very professional Customer Success Team at my service, giving me useful and important updates, so I can get the best returns as quickly as possible.”


Alicia Regnier


Converted users

“I can recommend AkerHub as a great source for generating quality traffic. I have a small online shop and not that much marketing budget to invest in promo. With AkerHub I managed to launch affiliate program and get some quality publishers.”


Evan Hoffman


Sales increase

We have had an alliance with AkerHub since 2020, and til now, AkerHub has been and alwasy will be an important partner of our company.Since I took over, we have had a dedicated AkerHub who will always give constructive advice to our campaigns, helping us optimizing the campaign constantly, in order to bring the best performance outcome.


Richard Jeremy